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The story started in Southampton, UK in 1969 when bass player and carpenter Ian Taylor, unhappy with the expensive bass rig he was using, decided to build his own. Contacting and getting advise from a guitarist friend of his who worked for a major speaker Company in the UK, Ian designed and build his first bass cabinet. When the design worked out really well other members of his band at the time asked him to design and build guitar, PA and monitor cabinets. Which he did. In the early years only a small numbers of handmade cabinets were produced generally using the names “Taylor Made” or “Titan”.

In 1977 Ian met and started dating Josephine Bassi. Josephine (Jo) encourage Ian in his musical pursuits and his cabinet building. The couple were married in 1979 and in 1983 moved to Canada.

Fast forward 25+ years of sporadic cabinet building, when in 2010 Ian was approached by George Furlanetto, Luthier and manufacturer of the Fbass line of high-end custom basses to produce a line of small and powerful bass cabinets tuned to suit his products. Although many cabinets had been produced over the years this was a new production Bass Cabinet venture that needed to be done right and it needed a name. “Jo Bassi” was not only a perfect fit for the Bass Cabinets but also for the new company. Plus, it also honored Josephine’s long time support of Ian’s passion.

Today “Jo Bassi Engineering Co.” resides in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

It’s own line of Bass and PA cabinets are designed and calculated for the optimum performance using cabinet design software and (in the case of our standard cabinets), are precision cut on a CAD milling machine for exact dimensional fit and ease of construction. However, all the assembly, covering, component installs, wiring, etc is still done by hand with pride by Ian and his crew of trained personnel.


Jo Bassi Engineering Co.

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