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Bass Cabinets

Since the early days of huge, poor sounding, low wattage cabinets, Bass Players have been on a mission to find rigs that give them some portability, high power, great looks but with tone to die for. Be it the clear transparent modern tone or the big fat and warm classic tone.

Having been a bass player and cabinet designer and builder for 45 years, I have taken this journey. And based on my person experiences and with the aid of experienced sound engineers Jo Bassi has developed a line a great sounding cabinets suitable for the weekend warrior or the consummate professional.

At Jo Bassi we are sold on ported reflex cabinets. We build them as small as tonally possible, strong, braced and well insulated. We use traditional ceramic high powered US made drivers. All our cabinets are designed around our drivers using computer software to calculate suitable volumes and port lengths to create the ideal frequency for your 4, 5 or 6 string bass.

The results are smaller tighter sounding cabinets that look great and have plenty of power and headroom. Also they have a noticeably transparent deep bass response with definition and clarity in all frequencies. All you need in a small package. Note: Neodymium drivers are available on request.


PA Cabinets

All Jo Bassi PA cabinets and Subwoofers are based on reflex cabinet technology. As with our Bass Cabinets we strive to keep the cabinets as small as tonally possible and use computer software to calculate required volumes and port lengths to suit our drivers.

We use high powered tradition ceramic drivers which give tons of power and headroom. Clever design help keep cabinets size and weight to a minimum which allow us to use ceramic drivers where needed.

All cabinets are constructed using either Baltic Birch or Poplar plywood CNC cut. Available finishes include Carpet, Tolex, DuraTex, etc. Note: Neodymium drivers are available on request.


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